Deception is stifling your company. What are you missing and how much money is it costing you?

71% of top managers who report misconduct experience retaliation. Think you’re going to hear about costly mistakes and ethical missteps next time?
90% of people exaggerate or flat-out lie on their job resumes. How are you going to know?
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Meet Heidi Krause,
Trust Pioneer

I help leaders feel confident & make savvy decisions in their organizations without fear of retaliation. Seriously: 90% of people applying for a job lie, and 44% of people who report negative behavior find themselves in trouble for it. My superpower is analyzing and fixing trust & truthfulness problems through consulting, classes, and training. 

Here’s the effect deception has at work: lost money, legal risk, ruined culture.

Rather than attracting top talent you’ll lose your best people to the companies that cared enough to fix their problems.

I teach you to catch manipulation before it undermines you, plus how to flip the script and encourage truth-telling in your direct reports.

I equip HR departments to catch lies BEFORE they explode and cause heartbreak, lost profit, and probably lawsuits.

I help executives be more confident and make better business decisions through the power of micro-expression.

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