How to Feel Confident as a Leader in 60 Minutes or Less


What if you are such a bad leader that nobody will tell you?

The problem with being in a position of authority—whether you manage a small department or head up a corporation—is that you’re in an echo chamber. And look: you try your best. You read The Making of a Manager and It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work. You reach out to mentors and ask for coffee dates. You even send out an anonymous survey to your direct reports requesting feedback.

Still, doubt niggles at your mind. You wonder: what DON’T you know? And you have good reason to wonder, because…

It’s what you don’t know that hurts you.

The inflated metric that gets debunked later and discredits you. The gap between reality and your perception—and your resulting inability to manage risk. Employees who are convinced they won’t be heard, so they don’t bring their bright ideas to you. Discrimination suits brought at the worst possible moment.

Leaders who don’t know whether they are trusted are open to risk.

When Generation Z employees value supportive leadership and positive relationships at work above extra pay, you know trust is the key to your success as a leader. If your employees don’t trust you, the efficiency of your division declines. Profits flatline or plunge. Your career pays the cost.

Confidence in a box: my groundbreaking Truth & Trust Box is a fun and fully customized way for you to take the next step as a leader—in 30 minutes and for less than the cost of a romantic dinner.

I developed this service as a way to deliver quick hits of confidence in a unique way: custom leadership analysis paired with a box of inspiration. Personally selecting every product, I created a new experience that combines my decades of experience as a truth and trust leader with your own needs and produces confidence you can take to the bank.

What’s it all about? Two things: a 30-minute custom analysis of your strengths and weaknesses as a leader, and a box of trust-inspiring goodies

You’re unique. Shouldn’t your leadership analysis be too?

When you purchase the Truth & Trust Package, you will spend 30 minutes on the phone with me while I ask targeted questions to expose exactly where your blind spots as a leader are and areas where you’re lagging behind in creating trust with your team. Then, I will offer you a completely custom roadmap to fix your leadership problems. You’ll walk away 100% confident that you know how to be the best manager around. You’ll know how to show your team you trust them and they can trust you—and soon, you’ll have the progress reports to prove it.

The Surprising Reasons You Need the Truth & Trust Package

(Because sometimes you just need an inspirational quote.)

You know the day when Nick (that guy you’re supposed to collaborate with but, um, he’s too annoying) shows up looking depressed and you think you should say something encouraging but don’t know what? 

Or how about the day you showed up to work and just sat at your desk, completely overwhelmed by how much work stared back at you?
Slack messages = 71.
Emails = 246.
Deadlines = 3.
This is the moment you most need a reminder of just how capable you are.

What about the day you realized that you’d gone more than a week without hearing a compliment from anybody, or giving one?

I’ve personally selected a goodie box overflowing with inspiration to get you through the next tough day—or make a small installment on building trust with your coworkers. When you buy the Box you don’t just get a personal analysis from me; you get confidence in a box, sent straight to your preferred address.

Why Truth & Trust?

Hi. I’m Heidi Krause, trust pioneer.

I’ve spent twenty years working in and outside of corporate America, developing my unique perspective on how to lead using the power of trust. Employees that trust their leaders are more efficient, more productive, and less likely to sue. Still, in spite of recent breakthroughs that detail exactly how trust impacts the bottom line for corporations, leaders of all types still suffer from the effects of their own weaknesses in the areas of truth and trust.

I use the power of micro-expression (yes, like the FBI uses to detect lies!) and my own leadership journey at corporations like Enron and American Express, along with my intensive apprenticeships with leadership guru Robin Sharma and body language expert Jeanine Driver to analyze and repair trust problems for leaders of all types. I’m certified through the Ethics & Compliance Institute and have led large teams with increased efficiency and results.

I teach people to be more confident, savvier professionals, and better decision-makers. I equip organizations to increase their trust culture so their employees can speak freely and raise issues without fear of retaliation. The trickle-down effect is a culture of transparency that splashes over to customers and results in higher profits and less risk for my clients.

Truth & Trust

Don’t Buy This Package If…

You are 100% confident you’re the very best leader you can be. This package is only for leaders who want to improve their game. Who are constantly striving to get more from their teams. Who show up and do the work Every. Single. Day.

Money-Back Guarantee

I’m so certain that my Truth & Trust Package will increase your confidence as a leader that I’ll refund your purchase within 30 days if it doesn’t.