Meet Heidi Krause,
Trust Pioneer

Twenty years of working my way to upper management in corporate life taught me something: to speak the truth was to lose my voice. It’s too easy for whistleblowers to be penalized. For women and people of color to be shut down when they say something uncomfortable. I began to realize the problem: a corporate culture lacking trust results in inefficiency, low profits, and legal exposure. After many years with several large organizations, I left that career track to seek a solution.

I devoted the next years to discovering the power of micro-expression: the non-verbal body language cues that indicate truth or lie. Hundreds of hours studying with the likes of body language expert Janine Driver and leadership guru Robin Sharma combined with my own experience managing successful teams of dozens of people led me to create I my own custom solution for corporate truth and trust issues. I earned an LPEC certification from the Ethics & Compliance Initiative and took leadership courses at Harvard. The results have been stunning.

I teach people to be more confident, savvier professionals, and better decision-makers. I equip organizations to increase their trust culture so their employees can speak freely and raise issues without fear of retaliation. The trickle-down effect is a culture of transparency that splashes over to customers and results in higher profits and less risk for my clients.