What Is Truth & Trust?

Lies stifle voices that deserve to be heard.
Lies stifle women and people of color.
Lies make abuse possible.
Lies favor the powerful.
Lies undermine profit through destroying trust.
Lies cause lawsuits. Retaliation. Harmful exposés.
Lies are like cancer.
Lies are like mold.
Lies creep through companies and destroy trust.
Lies are half-truths, covering up the reality.
Lies have a way of being exposed at the riskiest moment.
Lies cost millions of dollars every year.

We humans enable lies in our businesses.
We look the other way when a colleague gets angry over a perceived slight.
We don’t dig deeper when somebody gets fired.
We shame whistleblowers.
We actively cover up uncomfortable facts.
We don’t call others out on their bullshit.
We shade the truth.

Lack of transparency costs companies millions every year and results in countless ugly lawsuits, not to mention the sullen inefficiency of employees convinced they won’t be protected when they deserve it.

A study by the University of Massachusetts found that 60 percent of adults could not have a 10-minute conversation without lying at least once.
Research from the ECI (Ethics & Compliance Institute) indicates that there is a massive perception gap with senior management of most large corporations. Having too optimistic a view of where your company stands can cost millions.
The #1 trait employees look for in their leaders is ethical decision-making.

What's the solution?

Through Heidi’s 20+ years of corporate life and intensive studies in leadership, micro-expressions, and communication, she’s developed a unique, scalable method to increase trust within corporations and small businesses. She’s certified in Ethics & Compliance and works with individuals, teams, and organizations to assess and repair low-trust environments.

Heidi brings a holistic view that focuses on the cost of working in a low-trust environment and offers practical training that allows leaders to grow into the kind of authority their employees desperately want to work for. Whether she spends an afternoon with a team of managers teaching what trust looks like and how to build it with communication skills or she works with leaders one-on-one to identify and strengthen their weak spots, she blends a focus on the bottom line with the more abstract topics that impact success for corporations.

These are a few of the questions Heidi helps leaders answer:
How do you deal fairly with past transgressions in the workplace?
How do you manage your bad actors? This impacts the bottom line in countless ways… and most organizations are sloppy at best.
How do you talk about trust when it’s an abstract topic?
How do you make ethical decisions when it comes to hiring, firing, and business strategy?
How can you tell candidates are trustworthy and will be positive hires?
How much is lack of trust costing your organization every year?